Macedonia: – a new portal for news in Albanian

The newly opened is operated by a team of professional journalists striving to overcome the lack of relevant e-content in Albanian language from Macedonia and abroad.

The team is comprised by young, yet experienced journalists, who are aiming to offer a wider range of news, exceeding the linguistic and other barriers between the media spheres in the country and the region through objective reporting based on the application and promotion of professional standards.

This information portal was launched on April 6, 2012 in Skopje. The editorial staff has correspondents in several cities in Macedonia providing information directly from the field, and cooperates with other media in various languages in order to offer its readers a wider selection of interesting contents. The department for opinions and views enables communication of the intellectuals and representatives of civil society with the public through articles and essays, and the team also reports on current topics of interest to bloggers, twitterers and other social media users.

The content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license, which allows the content to be shared if the source is acknowledged (with a link to it), so that bloggers and other media would be able to use and share published information easier.

According to Elida Zylbeari, editor in chief at, through the application of professional standards adapted to the new digital environment, the portal will enable the opening of one more place for a public debate and application of the right to freedom of speech, thereby contributing to the improvement of democracy in the country.

The website URL is, and its team communicates with the audience through Twitter (, Facebook ( / and Google plus.

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