New repository for scientists and researchers from around the world

In October this year, during the international Open Access week, the Depot website was relaunched as an institutional repository allowing researchers and scientists from all over the world to store their papers, articles and book chapters.

This international site is intended to gather in one place the scientific and research papers that are the product of scientists and researchers from institutions that don’t have their own institutional repository. Thus, it is beneficial to the entire scientific and research community of the world. Submitting scientific and research papers online and making them available to everyone who can benefit from them, is in accordance with the Open Access concept.

By placing the electronic copies of the reviewed scientific-research papers in the Depot system, scientists and researchers from around the world have the opportunity to increase their readership to a much greater extent, compared to what can be achieved with the availability of the paper only via a subscription-based scientific journal. Additionally, studies indicate that the rate of quotation of materials that are made available with open access can be dramatically increased by up to 400% in some disciplines.

The right to publish the reviewed document (its final version) online is regulated by a copyright transfer agreement. If such right is not granted to the researcher, he can still ask the publisher for permission to publish an electronic version of the open access document.  In order to submit papers to Depot, users must first register, and the procedure for submitting the materials takes no more than 10 minutes.

Users can submit documents that would be publicly displayed after a certain period which may be required by the publisher, or even make the materials invisible to visitors, in case they are not familiar with the concept of open access publishing.  In this case, the author’s name, the institution publishing the work and the metadata about the work, will increase its visibility and availability on search engines, thereby increasing interest for them, while the content itself will remain hidden for the visitors.

Submission of materials in the Depot system will mean that they will be archived and stored until a more appropriate institutional repository is set up, in which they should be published.In the meantime, other researchers, scientists and students can use the results from the research of someone else and to build new knowledge based on them.  This is a contribution to the building of a stronger scientific and research community and to raising its level of quality and global presence.

During the first quarter of 2010, the Metamorphosis Foundation will organize a series of activities in order to familiarize the higher-education and scientific research institutions in Macedonia with the concept of open access and the benefits of its use. The Metamorphosis Foundation will also provide technical and educational assistance to the interested institutions, for setting up institutional repositories for archiving papers, dissertations, conference presentations, graphs, tables and other forms of results that scientists and researchers come up with during their work.

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