Spain: Extremadura overhauls IT to save millions and to increase open source

The Spanish autonomous region of Extremadura began the strategic overhaul of its IT, aiming to save millions of euro and to increase its use of free and open source, announced Cenatic, the Spanish government’s resource centre on open source and open standards.

Extremadura’s President, Jose Antonio Monago, last week said that the region will increasingly use open source, “resulting in significant savings for the public administration.”

The region remains committed to free software, Cenatic writes in a statement that announces the start of the review of the Extremadura’s IT strategy. The review should be completed within three months and is to provide a roadmap for the IT in the next eight years.

The government of Extremadura says it expects the overhaul will help save 30 million euro annually.

Cenatic adds that the President of Extremadura, Jose Antonio Monago confirmed the region’s administration’s commitment to free and open source software. According to Cenatic, the President announced that civil administrators in Extremadura will “in the very near future” begin using this software, which “will mean significant savings for the administration.”

Source: “Extremadura overhauls IT to save millions and to increase open source” March 31., 2012

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