Summer course: Internet Governance, Civil Society and Public Policy Advocacy

The Internet Governance, Civil Society and Public Policy Advocacy course will take place July 8- 19, 2013 in the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

This intensive summer course (organized by CEU, Annenberg/UPenn and Center for Democracy & Technology) is designed to help both researchers and activists gain new insights into the role which civil society can play in advocating for a free and open internet, and will highlight the potential of technology and online tools for mobilizing and organizing constituencies and for enhancing the security and privacy of advocates.

This year’s course will focus on:

  • Internet law and policy
  • Social media and mobilization
  • Online tools for advocacy, security and privacy
  • Capacity building for civil society

Application Deadline: 15 March 2013.  Online Application and further information: http://www.summer.ceu.hu/internet-2013

Course Directors:  Monroe Price (Annenberg), Susan Abbot (Annenberg), Kate Coyer (CEU), Leslie Harris (Center for Democracy & Technology)

Guest Speakers include: Sam Gregory (Witness), Marius Dragomir (OSF), Eric King (Privacy Intl), Eduardo Bertoni (Center for Studies on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information (CELE) at Palermo University School of Law), Joan Barata Mir (Ramon Llull University), Andrew Stroehlein (Human Rights Watch), Sameer Padania (OSF)

Source: Central European University Budapest: „Internet Governance, Civil Society and Public Policy Advocacy“

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