The Parliamentary Institute of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia is starting the first round of employments

The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and the Agency for Administration are committed to fairness, transparency, professionalism and non-discrimination in the process of candidate selection.

For further information, please visit NDI’s website for Macedonia, or the Parliamentary Institute’s Facebook page.

The Parliamentary Institute (PI or Institute), established as a separate organizational unit in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, announces the start of the first round of employments for professionals. The three managers out of 25 vacancies will be selected in the first round. The candidates for the remaining 22 vacancies will be accepted in the second round. The Institute, led by the head of the Parliamentary Institute is organized into two main sectors: Sector for general analysis and eurointegration and Sector for education and communication/for research library and legislative archive. The Service for parliamentary research and information is based on the principles of impartiality, accessibility and credibility.

In the context of modernization of the Assembly, the purpose of the new posts is to provide credible and independent sources of research and analysis of the legislation for the Assembly, support in the professionalization of the legislative process and development of a new process for reviewing laws, as well as connecting the Assembly with international legislative bodies. At the same time, the need for professional and independent sources of analysis and research of the laws is essential for the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of the Republic of Macedonia.

The application process for the qualified candidates will last 19 days, from Monday, December 26, 2011 to Friday January 13, 2012. Job descriptions and personal qualifications for each position are defined with the internal assembly regulations, and the procedure for selection and recruitment of candidates complies with the Law on Civil Servants. Selection of the best candidates will be performed based on GPA scores from their education, their score from the exam for civil servants and the interview. All stages of the recruitment process will be monitored by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

The project ‘Support for the establishment and development of the Parliamentary Institute’ is implemented by NDI, with funding provided with a grant from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) (3.65 million Swiss francs, or 2.99 million euros). The project for the Parliamentary Institute includes technical support for the Assembly and the personnel of the Institute, renovation of the premises of the Institute and the Parliament, as well as procurement of books, journals, membership fees, hardware and software.

As part of its cooperation with NDI, the Metamorphosis Foundation is promoting this via the social media.

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