Analysis of the legal framework on education and the possibilities of including open educational resources

The analysis covers the Law on Primary Education, the Law on Secondary Education, Law on Textbooks for Primary and Secondary Education, Law on Copyright and Related Rights, and also provides a perspective for the situation, opportunity to draw conclusions and recommendations for regulation of open educational resources in these laws.


Laws in Macedonia – Adherence to Data Protection Principles

This project is an attempt to provide insight into how 35 laws from 12 areas in Macedonia adhere to the general principles of privacy and personal data protection and thereby to contribute to their compliance with the EU’s privacy standards and principles.


Good Governance – Experiences and Challenges

The development of the civil society is a necessary component of every transparent, responsible and effective government that focuses on the citizens’ needs and strengthens the citizen’s support for reform processes through inclusion.


Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children’s Privacy and Personal Data on the Internet

The focus of this Guide lies on the Internet, on social networks, and also presents other forms of communications and key locations where misuse of personal data and invasion of privacy is possible.  


Policy paper: Increasing the use of websites as tools for transparency, accountability and e-participation

The aim of this public policy paper is to examine the current level of use of the websites of central and local authorities in the Republic of Macedonia (mostly using domains) in the areas of transparency, accountability and e-participation of the citizens in the decision making process, and to offer recommendations on how to overcome the obstacles preventing the citizens to use the full potential of the new technologies in these areas.


Употребата на компјутери и интернет во образовниот систем на РМ

Анализа на контекстот на досегашната компјутеризацијата и дигитализацијата на образованието (сите јавно достапни национални документи, евалуациски извештаи од спроведени програми, изјави за јавност и сл.).


Open Access – Briefing Paper

This document is published by JISC The World Wide Web has provided the means for researchers to make their research results available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. This applies to journal articles regardless of whether or not their library has a subscription to the journal in which the articles were published as well as to other types of research output such as conference papers, theses or research reports. This is known as Open Access.


Catalogue of Local Government Electronic Services

Within the framework of the e-Local Government Project, organized and supported by the USAID’s project Make Decentralization Work and Metamorphosis – foundation for sustainable ICT solutions, a research was conducted in 10 municipalities in Macedonia. The objective of this research was to find out the opinions of the citizens on which municipal services should be first made available electronically. The results of the research are available as a Catalogue of Local Government Electronic Services. Seven bigger and three smaller municipalities were chosen: Karposh, Gostivar, Debar, Kavadarci, Prilep, Veles, Strumica, Chucher Sandevo, Zrnovci, and Krivogashtani. A total of 850 persons ...