ACTION SEE – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in SEE

Good governance is key to rule of law. And while issues of corruption, transparency, rule of law and good governance are always in the spotlight, there remains a lack of understanding and systemic problems that hardly receive sufficient coverage. The project aims to raise awareness of such challenges by facilitating cooperation among civic organisations and consolidated strategic efforts for representation. The ACTION SEE project was created on the basis of the project partners’ experiences gained in the implementation of projects at a national, regional and international level with the aim of strengthening civic organisations for a more efficient and more […]


It’s Your Money

Period: November 1st – December 30th, 2015   With the project “It’s Your Money” Metamorphosis succeeded in creating capacity for production of current affairs video documentaries focused on investigative journalism about spending of taxpayers’ money in Macedonia. Within the short timeframe, it created, equipped and trained a correspondent network that produced, published and promoted six video-stories from six different regions. Project activities included preparation and capacity building for the correspondent network from 6 regions in Macedonia, production of video stories, as well as their publishing and promotion. The stories were first simultaneously published by the news ...


Techsoup Balkans Software Donation Program

The Metamorphosis Foundation is a partner organization of the TechSoup Balkans software donation program for the Republic of Macedonia. The Techsoup Balkans donation program offers a wide range of software products for non-profit organizations,  and they are only required to pay an administrative fee. To purchase software solutions through this platform and to receive donations, you should first register using the following link: This donation is available for non-profit organizations with the status of a Citizens’ Association or Foundation in the Registry of Associations and Unions. After you complete the (individual) registration, ...


Civic Engagement Project (CEP)

Start date:  August 17, 2016 End Date:  August 17, 2021 Project budget: (life of Project):  $9,495,923 Implementer:  East West Management Institute (EWMI), in partnership with four local civil society organizations (CSOs): the Foundation for Internet and Society “Metamorphosis”, the Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI), the Foundation for Open Society in Macedonia (FOSM), and the National Youth Council of Macedonia. OBJECTIVES The Civic Engagement Project will strengthen the constructive engagement by civil society organizations (CSOs) on policies and issues of public concern, and increase and sustain youth involvement in public life in Macedonia. Through CEP, participating ...


International Conference e-Society.Mk

Metamorphosis aims to raise awareness of opinion and decision makers on national and regional level by bringing together experts, journalists, public officials, and other relevant stakeholders through lectures, conferences, seminars, open debates and online forums. The biggest such project is the annual International Conference e-Society.Mk.


Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech

The project focuses on building the capacities of activists who are already working towards specific goals in order to enhance their skills for using new technologies, combined with leadership skills and critical thinking skills that are not provided by the state education system (rhetoric, argument writing). The primary project beneficiaries will form a core group of leaders who will share their knowledge within their communities on the field and on a national level through a range of online tools, raising the public awareness for certain progressive causes. The increasing use of social media in Macedonia as a space for free […]


ACTION VISEGRAD SEE – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in South-East Europe

  In the Western Balkans the citizens and CSOs do not sufficiently use ICT tools for good governance developed by other CSOs and the state due to lack of awareness and skills. They are also discouraged to use them due to perception that their input will not make any impact. In addition, public institutions do not sufficiently use the potential of ICTs to became more accountable and engage the citizens. The Visegrad Fund supported ACTION VISEGRAD SEE project will contribute to overcoming of these obstacles by bringing together CSOs and institutions from the region and by showcasing good practices from […]


Vistinomer (Truth-o-Meter)

With the assistance of a team of experts in the relevant areas, analyzes the promises of political parties and presents them in an easy to read, aggregated form, along with systematic statistics. Each identified promise is assessed according to the degree of its fulfillment: fulfilled, partially fulfilled or unfulfilled. Promises considered to be illogical or stated in a way that does not allow the promises to be verified were deemed inconsistent. By familiarizing themselves with the promises and arguments from the explanations, citizens are being educated on how to read and interpret the election programs and platforms, and to measure and […]


Open Educational Resources Initiative

The overall project goal is to contribute to the development of critical thinking and democratization in Macedonia through the constructive use of new technologies as tools to increase the quantity and quality of educational, scientific and academic e-content.


Decentralized Cooperation Between the Region of Lower Normandy and Macedonia

The Programme for decentralized cooperation between the region of Lower Normandy and the Republic of Macedonia was launched in 2006, and its primary goal was to incite and contribute to the international cooperation between the two territories. It is an innovative cooperation involving various stakeholders on several levels: local, regional and national. This institutional cooperation for development of the local democracy is conducted by the Regional Council of Lower Normandy and the Ministry of Local Self-Government of the Republic Macedonia.  The decentralized cooperation between the region of Lower Normandy and the Republic of Macedonia is realized through a three-year program ...