The world is celebrating Software Freedom Day

On the 15th of September, the Software Freedom Day will be marked in more than 300 locations throughout the world, thereby celebrating the human creativity, right to choice and healthy competition all together.                                                     

On this occasion, the Metamorphosis foundation would once again like to emphasize the meaning of the opportunity for Macedonia’s citizens and institutions to be able to choose when they are looking for software. Free software has a wide range of use, from servers and workstations, through office applications to educational packages; it is legal and available in local languages. With the use of free software, one could save 300-400 euros per computer, since the licenses are free of charge.

The everyday needs in a digital era are increasingly depending on the usage of software. Software is influencing the method in which we are communicating between each other, the way that we vote, pay, travel, or enjoy in art and entertainment. The use of new technologies has an enormous impact on the freedom of opinion, expression and action in the modern society.

Free software means that the users have the right to use it, to study and change it, copy and share, to improve it and publish these improvements under the same circumstances. Free software enables the development of systems based on open standards that are providing transparency, security and availability for all.

In 2006, on the occasion of the Software Freedom Day, Metamorphosis foundation published the CD “Get your job done!” in circulation of 5000 samples that were distributed throughout the whole territory of Macedonia, arousing enormous interest among the citizens and contributing to the reduction of the rate of use of pirated office software.

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