The debates were realized in cooperation with the Youth Educational Forum from Skopje and the Metamorphosis Foundation, as part of the project Social Media for Democracy.

Each debate included two debaters representing each of the opposing sides, one moderator and one representative of the blogs who familiarized the attendants with the appropriate topic. Each debate was attended by 20-30 participants.

Schedule of debates held throughout various cities, along with the topics of discussion:

  1. 9.06.2010: Struga – the role of social media as tools for an active citizen participation (promotion of
  2. 11.06.2010: Stip – Vegetarianism as a way of living (promotion of
  3. 11.06.2010: Kratovo – How to achieve a greater personal financial responsibility? (promotion of
  4. 14.06.2010: Veles – Reinstating euthanasia in Macedonia – yes or no? (promotion of
  5. 14.06.2010: Negotino – The status of marginalized groups in Macedonia – does a positive discrimination exist? (promotion of
  6. 15.06.2010: Bitola – Practicing forms of contemporary art (promotion of
  7. 15.06.2010: Resen – Interethnic coexistence in Macedonia (promotion of
  8. 16.06.2010: Kichevo – The influence of the internet on modern journalism (promotion of
  9. 23.06.2010: Debar – Interethnic coexistence in Macedonia (promotion of
  10. 24.06.2010: Skopje – Does privacy exist on the internet (promotion of