As part of USAID’s Civic Engagement Project, the Metamorphosis Foundation has developed an online platform

“Citizens Budget” is a basic tool for improving the transparency and accountability of the municipality. It serves to explain the income and expenses of the municipality during the year, the process of adopting the Budget and the project activities that should be implemented during the year.

The purpose of the preparation of the “Citizens Budget” is to ensure greater awareness of the citizens about the municipality’s budget in an easier and more accessible way.

According to the Law on Budgets, the budget of the local self-government is an annual plan of revenues, other inflows and approved funds. It includes the basic budget, the budget for self-financing activities, the budget for donations, and the budget for subsidies and borrowing.

In the budgeting process, the content and programs that make up the budget are aligned with the unified way of preparing and drawing up the budget, determined by the Ministry of Finance. The municipal budget consists of a general part and a specific part.

The main participants in the budgeting process of the local self-government are the Ministry of Finance, the Mayor, the Municipal Council, the users of the budget, the citizens of the municipality, various associations and non-governmental organizations and the municipal administration.

The platform is intended for municipalities and is free of charge.