Yesterday in Montenegro, four organizations from the former Yugoslav republics formed the regional “ACTION SEE” network, through which they will work together on promoting and ensuring accountability and transparency of the governments in Southeastern Europe.

The Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society is the Macedonian representative in this network, along with CDT from Montenegro, “Zasto ne” from Bosnia and Hercegovina, and the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability – CRTA from Serbia.

The organizations pledged to enhance cooperation in the area of transparency and accountability of the governments of the countries from the region, by conducting joint monitoring, providing information for the public and having a dialogue on these issues.

“The partners confirm the view that they are stronger together and that they can help each other in creating a wider impact” – is stated in the Memorandum of Cooperation signed by the aforementioned organizations.

It also states that the partners pledge to provide advice, to cooperate and to share their knowledge and activities related to these goals:

“The organizations agree to engage in joint projects, and to promote the name of the regional “ACTION SEE” network (Network for Accountability, Transparency and Institutional openness of Southeastern Europe). The partners agree to take into account the joint suggestions for conducting activities related to the mutual well-being.”

This partnership is public.

Bardhyl Jashari, the director of the Metamorphosis Foundation says that this network will enable the promotion of activities of these organizations not only in their countries, but on a regional level as well. “The network will enable us to make comparisons between our countries when it comes to the level of transparency and accountability of the governments” he said.

Darko Brkan from “Zasto Ne” says that these organizations have cooperated for years, working on various projects for government transparency and accountability. One of those projects is Vistinomer (Truthmeter).

“We are now establishing this network, and having in mind our previous cooperation, ACTION SEE should be a powerful tool for all of the organizations and for the citizens”- says Brkan.