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On October 16, civil activists from the Metamorphosis Foundation and the Coalition “Citizens for Macedonia” masked themselves as “Big ears and the eye”, playfully portraying and mocking the wiretapping scandal in Macedonia. They symbolically eavesdropped on critical media and civil society organizations that criticize the government and the ruling party.

3 trgnuvaat 3The action started in front of the Government building and in front of the headquarters of the ruling party, VMRO-DPMNE, with the activists simulating “big ears and eye” going to “work”. It was intended to show through parody how the government institutions illegally held under surveillance more than 20.000 citizen including hundreds of journalists and civil society activist, as shown by the political “bombshells” that were published by the opposition.

centar 3From the Government the “Big ears and the eye” appeared before the Municipality of Centar, the EU delegation’s building, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, the “Focus” weekly, and in front of the Metamorphosis Foundation, the Meta news agency and “Portalb”.

portalb meta 3All this was part of the Freedom Not Fear initiative, in support of freedom of expression in the face of surveillance. The “Freedom Not Fear – International Action Days” initiative has been present in Macedonia since 2008. This year, the coalition “Citizens for Macedonia” also joined as a partner.