The workshops will take place in these cities, organized by the following organizations:

The project “Western Balkans Network for Inclusive e-Government” aims at strengthening the cooperation and coordination among all the relevant stakeholders, decision-makers, government representatives, as well as representatives of the business, academic and nongovernmental sector in order to improve the quality and raise the level of usability and accessibility of electronic services provided by the public administration.

The project creates a network of partners working together with the key stakeholders (particularly the representatives of the state administrations) on collecting information on the strategic objectives and current conditions, and participating in lobbying and advocacy activities for raising the public awareness about the inclusiveness during the process of e-Government building.

The previous workshops within the frames of this project were held in Skopje (November 23) and Tirana (November 26) on the topic “Inclusive e-Government”, followed by the Third international conference e-Society.Mk held in Skopje on November 29-30, 2007.