The event will be held in the city park, near the monument of Goce Delchev. We are inviting all the citizens concerned about their privacy online, who need advice on cautious and safe usage of the internet as well as guidelines for abiding by and acting according to the Law on Personal Data Protection to come and consult the experts on these issues.

Same as last year, the event will be organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation, in cooperation with the Directorate for personal data protection, Forum for European Journalism Students, Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia , European Law Students’ Association – Macedonia, the Youth Educational Forum, the Macedonian Center for European Training, the Internet Hotline Provider – Macedonia, the Macedonian Young Lawyers’ Association and the City of Skopje.

For further information about this event on an international level, please visit the official website of Freedom Not Fear 2009, as well as the Wiki page which is being updated with information for each country organizing events on this occasion.