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Macedonia and Moldova are among 52 countries pursuing Open Government (e.g. platforms for greater transparency, accountability and citizen engagement, mechanisms for monitoring service quality, open data) and pro-innovation policy actions in order to facilitate public sector reform and foster innovation and competitiveness of the country. This is illustrated by these countries’ recent commitments to join the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and their decision to develop National Open Government Action Plans by March 2012.

As part of the World Bank supported knowledge exchange on Open Government, this workshop aims to provide a core group of policy makers from Macedonia and Moldova and other countries with relevant and timely input based on experiences of leading countries, such as Brazil, the United Kingdom and USA – enabling them to develop a bold but focused Action Plan to submit to the OGP at the April meeting in Brazil as well as to strengthen their ability to enable public sector reform, improve competitiveness and drive open innovation

Metamorphosis, Foundation for Internet and society is an Open Development Technology Alliance member from Macedonia.