Works of four photographers and painters from Strumica will be exhibited: Vane Kosturanov, Meri Donevska-Kosturanova, Milena Stanishlevik and Stole Angelov. The photographs and graphic solutions of Meto Angelov (multimedia artist from Negotino) will be part of this common exhibition as well.

During the evening, Aleksa Bukarski, the most famous young Macedonian writer and blogger will hold a prose reading of his work.

At the event, the young Macedonian video art and film artists will present themselves with their video works. Borjan Zafirovski will present the works “The portrait of the Young Artist in the 21st Century”, and the music videos from the Paper Dragon series, Sasha Stanishic will present himself with the film “Zlatko laid down on the bed and does not want to get up”, Darjan Pejoski with “15 seconds”, Vardan Tozija with “Exception”, and Jane Altiparmakov with music videos for the bands Muger Fuger and Piccolomini. Filip Jovanovski will promote the latest music video made for the cult Bitola band “Foltin” – Hot Day in Mexico.
Finally, the event will culminate with the promotion of the Creative Commons licenses.