The following artists will participate at the event:

•    Writer Aleksa Bukarski from Bitola and
•    Music group Ali Baba from Veles

This is the first time that the music group from Veles, Ali Baba, is presenting itself to the Macedonian public with its songs. The music of the Ali Baba band is based on the oriental Roma music, accompanied by a perfect sequence of jazz elements, influenced by the music of the Near East. The band licensed their work under the Creative Commons license, thus making it available for online use.

The second artist to be presented in Veles is Aleksa Bukarski (, the famous young Macedonian writer and blogger, who published his first book “People whose parachute doesn’t open” on the internet under the Creative Commons license. He will also hold a prose reading of his work.

His colleague blogger, poet and journalist Ivica Anteski has an interesting perception of the prose of Bukarski: “For everyone who interprets literature only through the prism of values established in the Macedonian traditional education system, this prose is a scandal; but for everyone else – it’s a revelation!”