This stage is intended for a public debate on the text drafted by the working group composed of different interest groups. At these events, representatives of “Free Software Macedonia”, Metamorphosis Foundation and the Ministry of Information Society will present the draft-policy and discuss about the suggestions of the interested public. The events will last about 2 hours each.

Target groups of these events:

a. The academic community
b. Business community
c. Civil society organizations
d. Local government

Four public events are planned to take place in:

1. Tetovo. March 14, 13:00h, location: Center for Balkan Cooperation Ljoja
2. Shtip.    March 17, 13:00h, location: Municipal Hall
3. Skopje. March 21, 13:00h, location: Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
4. Bitola.  March 22, 11:00h, location: Faculty of Technical Sciences

If you are interested to participate in the presentation please write to

We would appreciate it if you forward this information to the relevant organizations and individuals working in this field.