From 28th to 30th of October 2015 in Caen, France, the International Institute for Human Rights and Peace from Caen and the Metamorphosis Foundation from Skopje will conduct the training “Freedom of Expression and Privacy Online.”

The training is implemented as part of the Decentralized Cooperation between the Region of Lower Normandy and Republic of Macedonia, with support of Republic of France and ALDA. The participants include educators who work with youth aged 15 to 25, and the goal is to provide tools for better education of youth about the consequences of using the internet and other digital technologies.

The training is based on the pedagogical manual “Freedom of Expression and Privacy in the Digital Era,” developed and published by the International Institute for Human Rights and Peace and the Metamorphosis Foundation. Digital versions of the manual are available online in Macedonian and French.


Objectives of the training

  • Raising awareness about the concepts of human rights: freedom of expression and privacy;
  • Training of trainers in non-formal education methods about human rights;
  • Capacity building of participants to use the manual and carry out awareness and education activities.

The Program

Day 1

  • Introduction to Human Rights
  • Freedom of Expression and Internet Privacy: concepts and issues

Day 2

  • Freedom of speech and its limitats
  • Human rights education (presentation of the manual & other tools)

Day 3

  • Human rights workshop
  • Exchange of experiences from France and Macedonia

For about thirty years, the Internet was reserved for a small number of people (governments, companies, universities …). Today, this technology is not yet accessible to all, but has widely grown and directly influences the lives of more than two billion people.

The digital space has revolutionized the exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular freedom of expression and the right to respect for private life. Use of these technologies can be a great tool for promoting human rights, but also they also carry risks for those who do not master its codes.

Basic means of facing these risks is spreading of knowledge. Because “a man warned is forearmed,” it is now necessary to educate and train as many internet users as possible, and especially youth, about the potentials and risks of the new technologies. This is the goal set by the partners the International Institute of Human Rights and Peace (2idhp) and Metamorphosis Foundation through the development of an educational manual for youth players and organization training for use of the tool kit. This process started in 2014 and continues in 2015. The activities form a basis for development of wide network of educators and activists working on raising awareness about human rights online, working with teachers, parents and students in Macedonia and France.