The Training of Trainers on the topics of Freedom of Expression and Privacy on the Internet will take place in Caen, France (June 17-19, 2014). The training will take place within the framework of the Decentralized Cooperation between the region of Lower Normandy and Macedonia (, and is co-organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation from Skopje and the International Human Rights Institute for Peace from Caen.

The goal of the training is to share knowledge and experiences on various aspects of protection of human rights online within a network composed of human rights experts, digital rights activists, and secondary and primary school teachers from Macedonia and France. The trained teachers will then work on expanding the network within their respective countries, training more of their colleagues and organizing public education events reaching out towards the students and the general public.

The training curriculum will focus on sharing of information on the framework of human rights at international level, the relevant particularities of the legal systems in France and Macedonia, and on examining various pedagogical approaches in order to bring these topics closer to the students in both countries.

Download the Agenda (.pdf)