The meeting was organized in order to discuss the possible further
inclusion of the bloggers in the official part of the second conference
of the project “Renaming machine” named – discussion with bloggers from

Irena Cvetkovikj (Femgerila) moderated the meeting
during which there was a discussion about the possible and expected
topics of discussion and the course that it could take.

Milevska and Slavcho Dimitrov provided an explanation for the whole
project. The presentations of Femgerilla and the bloggers from New
Media Center initiated the discussion and they were presented in brief
to the bloggers that participated at the meeting.

The bloggers
agreed that the discussion should based on two topics which intersect
at certain points. Namely, the discussion will focus on these issues:

the relation between the name and the identity in the social, political
and cultural space as stable as it is usually presented to be?
And on the other hand,
Is this relation in the cyber space actually as open and as liberated from everyday cultural and political norms as presumed?

meeting ended at 20.00 hrs with an agreement that the discussion will
be initiated on the blog, and the ones
that feel inspired will participate in the official conference
programme on 30.09.2008 in the Culture Centre Tochka.