During this weekend (November 5th and 6th) the Metamorphosis Foundation, organized a two day Hackathon with high school students from Bitola and Kicevo. The Hackathon was part of the EU Code Week and continuation of the Code4MK event.


The goal of this event was to spawn an opportunity for high school students who have never had the chance to create a mobile application and code, to learn how it’s done and how to implement the idea.



Participants of the Hackathon were able to build mobile applications and learn how to code using client side technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript). Furthermore, this event served as a great opportunity for students from different schools to meet, socialize and share experiences. The aim of the mobile applications built during this event was to solve real student issues in the campus, and this application would serve to a greater number of citizens in the future as well.


Finally, an inspiring lecture was given from the guys at ShroomApps (http://www.shroomapps.com/), developers of the Airpocalypto mobile game.


The Metamorphosis Foundation is continuously assisting the youth in order to enhance its knowledge and skills in the ICT area via training sessions, events, seminars, webinars and competitions where young people can present their knowledge.


Finally, the Code4MK attendees will be able to take part in future events that will be organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation.

Here you can watch the video with the comments and impressions of students:

The hashtags used during the event were:

#CodeWeek #Code4MK #SEEU #CST #Code4Fun#MetamorphosisFoundation