The Metamorphosis Foundation organized the “NGO Connection Day” conference on September 18, in cooperation with the “Mjaft” Movement, providing an opportunity for representatives of civil society organizations to learn more about the possibility for receiving software donations from the “TechSoup Balkans” platform. During the event held at the “Tirana International” hotel, the opportunity for the NGO sector in Albania to receive software donations was presented for the first time, i.e. the software donations program implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation, through its partner Теchsoup Balkans.


Through this software donations program, TechSoup Balkans enables non-profit organizations and public libraries to receive software donations, from donors such as Microsoft and BitDefender. All organizations should have access to technology, resources and knowledge, in order to reach their potential. The Techsoup Balkans platform offers a wide range of software products for non-profit organizations and public libraries.

The Metamorphosis Foundation believes that technology can be a powerful force, opening excellent opportunities for nonprofit organizations to achieve their missions in the best possible way, and to accelerate their impact.

Representatives of 50 non-profit organizations from all over Albania attended the event. The event was opened by the director of the “Mjaft” Movement, also a board member of the Agency for the Support of Civil Society in Albania, Aldo Merkochi and the IT expert from the Metamorphosis Foundation, Merxhan Emini.

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“I’m glad that such an opportunity is presented at this conference organized in Albania for the second time, in cooperation with the Metamorphosis Foundation. We always encourage NGOs to use technology as a means to do their work faster and easier, because such a platform now enables NGOs to receive software donations and access to the latest technology”- said Aldo Merkochi.

“This event, organized for the second time in Albania is intended for civil society organizations, enabling them to enhance their skills for using ICT through interactive programs, and to learn more about using the opportunities offered by the various donors through TechSoup Balkans. NGOs can use the numerous opportunities offered by technology and the Internet today, that can change their way of living, since they offer a shortcut, less costs for achieving the objective, and an internal reorganization and communication with the target groups”- said Merxhan Emini in his opening speech.


Adrijana Selmani, program assistant at the Metamorphosis Foundation presented the “Advantages and opportunities offered by TechSoup Balkans“. During her presentation, she said: “When it comes to non-profit organizations, technology can increase their productivity and efficiency through improved cooperation and enhancement of the services for the new communities and individuals in need. The Metamorphosis Foundation creates new opportunities through the TechSoup Balkans platform, so that NGOs can achieve their full potential, accelerate their impact, offer their programs and services more effectively and to achieve their missions in the best possible way.

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The second part of the event was finalized with the workshop: “Technologies for the civil society sector”, where representatives of non-profit organizations had an opportunity to identify the needs of their organization in order to choose and apply the appropriate software package, and to apply for a software donation through the Techsoup Balkans platform.