oer-koordinativna-sredbaThe project coordinators informed the participants about the plans for promotional activities aimed at raising the awareness among pupils, students, professors and scientific-research workers about the potentials of open education in general. Aside from the promotional activities, a series of workshops are planned, for presenting the ways of use of digital technologies and the Internet in the educational process. An international conference on OER is planned to take place in November 2012, where participants from the country and abroad will be able to exchange experiences on OER.

Participants active in this area in various scientific and educational spheres shared their experiences on the priority aspects of open educational resources, as well as the problems they encountered in practice. The participants also made recommendations on the spheres in which the promotional and practical activities should be intensified in order to increase the utilization and effective coordination and to intensify the creation and use of OER.

The OER project coordinators noted that the project website, oor.mk, will be particularly developed in the ‘Resources’ section, which is planned to be a certain catalog and a bridge for easy access to the available educational resources in Macedonia.