The Metamorphosis Foundation and the Youth Educational Forum (YEF) invite you to a presentation and discussion about research results in the form of a debate, as part of the “Youth and Media in South East Europe” regional initiative.

The debate will be held on March 5 (Wednesday) , 12.00, at the Journalists’ club in Skopje.


The results from the research will be presented by the coordinators of the regional initiative, Elena Ignatova from the Metamorphosis Foundation and Monika Bozinoska from YEF. Views on the detected problems, as well as suggestions for overcoming the challenges will be shared by:

  • Zorana Gadzovska, journalist at Radio Free Europe
  • Darko Buldioski, founder and director of NewMediaMk
  • Neda Korunovska Avramovska , president of Reactor – Research in Action
  • Zoran Bojarovski , Alfa TV reporter
  • Marjan Zabrcanec, executive director of the Youth Educational Forum


These are just some of the topics that will be analyzed and discussed at the event:

  • presence of young people and youth issues, problems and needs in the media;
  • youth perceptions and approach to the traditional and new media;
  • cooperation between the media and youth organizations;
  • freedom versus the fear of youth expression via the media;
  • youth participation in creating media content;
  • tastes and needs of young people as an audience, in terms of the quality of media content offered;
  • media literacy, hate speech, propaganda;

As part of the efforts for reducing the gap between youth and media, we invite you to attend the debate and join the discussion .

The report on the research conducted in Macedonia is available here: