last-title-ds-doverba.pngThe workshop started on March 16, lasted for 9 days, and ended on the last day of the month. The workshop topic was “We all have a past”. Each of the meetings during these 9 days lasted for 3 hours. The workshop began with 7 members of NGO Doverba (drug addicts), but only three of them participated to the end and completed their video stories. The other participants of the workshop only attended the first part of the process, i.e. told their stories, but they didn’t turn them into a multimedia product.

The workshop was conducted according to the standard methodology for preparing digital stories, in a free and relaxed atmosphere.

At the beginning, the participants were familiarized with the concept of digital storytelling, listened to other people’s stories and told their own. The second part of the workshop was dedicated to recording and processing the narrations. Furthermore, the participants planned and collected pictures and other multimedia materials intended to be included in the final products, and afterwards processed them, if necessary.

Finally, they created short video stories by using video editing software.

They were mostly using open source software for this workshop, but also used commercial software on certain occasions, because of some of its features.

The workshop was conducted by Irina Shumadieva and Elena Ignatova from the Metamorphosis Foundation, and the videos of the three participants are now available online (with their consent).