logo_quadri_webThe workshops were attended by a total of 39 participants who had previously undergone a training on use of blogs and social media for advocacy. Some of the participants worked alone, and a part of them were divided in groups of two or three. As a result of the two workshops, a total of 25 digital stories were created.


Each workshop lasted for 4 days, with the following agenda:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to the work concept and methodology
  • Exchanging ideas and writing the stories
  • Reading and discussing the stories
  • Finalization of the written stories

Day 2:

  • Recording the stories in audio format and editing with Audacity
  • Preparation of a Storyboard
  • Internet search: photos, graphics and music via Creative Commons
  • Connecting the narration and the selected music background as a whole

Day 3:

  • Editing the photographs by using Google Picasa
  • Creating illustrations and drawings by using the Paint application
  • Importing the multimedia contents into Windows Movie Maker/Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Finalizing the video stories

Day 4: Presentation of all the stories and obtaining consent from the participants for future use of their stories

The stories were covering various topics and supporting various causes: from stories about the environmental awareness and the new law against smoking, through stories for preservation of the Macedonian language and the way media are providing information, to personal and other people’s experiences related to interethnic problems, information on AIDS, the intolerance occuring among citizens of two neighboring cities, the magnificent feeling that comes from working with the elderly etc.

Here are some of the stories of the workshop participants:

“Interethnic coexistence???” – prepared by two of the authors of the blog tolerancija.kauza.mk


“Live positively – BE A VEGETARIAN!” – prepared by the author of the blog vegetarijanstvo.kauza.mk

“Tattoos – an art worthy of admiration or a reason for labelling?” – prepared by one of the authors of the blog sovremenaumetnost.kauza.mk

„Think twice before publishing“ – prepared by the authors of the blog: novinarstvo.kauza.mk

The workshops were conducted by the Metamorphosis Foundation (Irina Shumadieva and Elena Ignatovа as trainers).