The report “Macedonia: Online Privacy in 2009” results from the monitoring of the conditions related to the right to privacy, as well as the complementary right to free access to public information during the year 2009.

The report is documenting issues related to the basics and changes of the legal frameworks, the activities of the regulatory and state bodies, as well as the situations and events of interest to the public, from these areas.

Among other things, an extremely low level of presence of privacy policies has been determined in the Macedonian web-space, particularly when it comes to government websites, and a range of phenomena that could jeopardize citizens’ privacy directly or indirectly, but can be solved by introducing binding standards for the government institutions, as well as a voluntary adoption of Codes of conduct by the other stakeholders.

The draft-report is published in order to let the public play an active role in its completion. You can download the report from the Metamorphosis website, send suggestions or comments on the report to, or contribute to the debate by posting comments on

This document is prepared by Metamorphosis Foundation in cooperation with FOSIM, DPDP, and other experts and activists, based on the standards established through cooperation with EPIC and Privacy International as part of the development of the global report Privacy and Human Rights: An International Survey of Privacy Laws and Developments; as well as activities within the EDRI network.

The final version of the report, amended with the data from the first half of 2010 will used in the preparation of the Macedonia section of the global report compiled through the European Privacy and Human Rights project, implemented by Privacy International, EPIC and CMCS, with support from European Union.

The basic findings of the draft-report on Macedonia were presented during the public round table “Privacy in Macedonia” conducted on June 4, 2010 in Skopje.