As agreed previously, e-rider from Metamorphosis and two volunteers visited NGOs Romani Asvin in Shtip and Women Action in Radovish. This was the first visit to these organizations after they joined the e-Rider project. The e-rider also visited the NGO Support Center in Shtip.

The meeting with the representatives of Romani Asvin took place in their office that is located in the area with predominant Roma population. Strategy and technology plan will be developed for Romani Asvin, while the trainings will be conducted in the weekends. The office is equipped with basic resources for conducting trainings. 6 Romani Asvin representatives will attend the trainings, that will be conducted based on the analyses of the questionnaires for their current skills.

With the representatives of Women Action in Radovish e-rider discussed about the needs of the organization and the lack of NGO support center in Radovish and its surroundings. Considering the questionnaires for current skills a group of five women activists was formed and trainings that will help better ICT implementation in their activities were tailored.