About 40 participants will attend the seminar – NGO representatives and representatives from several elementary and high schools from Macedonia. The goal of the seminar is to provide the necessary level of education in the area of child protection on the internet, personal data protection, as well as protection of the children’s rights in general, which should result with quality presentations throughout the schools fully conducted by the educators-seminar participants. The goal is to also form an NGO network dealing with this issues not only during the presentations in the schools, but in the future as well.

During the first day, the seminar participants will have the opportunity to get familiar with the project, the goals that should be achieved with the project and their role in the project.

The second day is intended for the educational sessions conducted by: Gordana Pirkovska-Zmijanac and Dragi Zmijanac from “Megjashi” who will be organizing a workshop on children’s rights, Elena Stojanovska from the Directorate for Personal Data Protection and Irina Shumadieva from the Metamorphosis Foundation who will be holding a series of educational presentations on children’s safety on the internet. The key issues addressed by this project will be highlighted during the last session, the issues that are important from an aspect of the children, teenagers, their parents and school teachers. These groups are the project’s target groups that should be covered with the presentations in the schools which the educators should complete by the end of May.

During the last day, representatives of the Metamorphosis Foundation and Megjashi will be working together with participants organized in two groups. The group members will get practical assignments which they will be later presenting to the other attendees. This activity will best prepare the educators for their future work.

All the publications published within the frames of the project will be presented at the seminar (poster with the Children’s Bill of Rights on the Internet, educational flyer on the topic: “Be smart on the internet” and a brochure for personal data protection on the internet “You decide…” – all available in Macedonian and Albanian language.) The project’s website will also be presented and the available website contents will be reviewed in detail.

All of the printed materials will be handed out to the educators who will later distribute them in the schools where the trainings are to be held. The two regional coordinators from the NGO network who will be appointed at the event will be responsible for all the activities in the schools following the seminar. They will be in charge of conveying the outcome from these activities in the schools to the project partners, so as to provide a precise image about the current developments and effects from the work.

This project (Children's Rights on the Internet – Safe and Protected) is financially supported by the EU.