The event was opened by the Director of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Dimitar Gjeorgjievski and Robert Liddell, representative of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Macedonia.

The event focused on the presentation of the Sixth guide of the Metamorphosis Foundation developed in cooperation with the Directorate, addressing the basic legal principles and steps for creating a good privacy policy and familiarizing the citizens and website owners with privacy policy.

During the last part of the event, communicationist Sead Dzigal, Viktor Arsovski, editor of the portal, Irina Shumadieva from the Metamorphosis Foundation, Angel Nakovski from the DPDP and Aleksandar Ugrinovski from the Ministry of Information Society and Administration addressed various aspects of online privacy protection and privacy policies as a document. The following issues were covered during the discussion: whether the government websites, particularly the ones offering services should have privacy policies, how should online media protect personal data left by users when they comment, what does obtaining consent from the users for use and collection of their personal data mean, and whether the privacy policy as a document is in an extinction phase, and how to simplify the policies so that they would be understandable for everyone, including children.

The Draft-Code for online privacy protection was also presented. The audience was comprised by representatives of NGOs, business sector and the media.

One interesting conclusion drawn by the speakers is that with the progress of technology, more and more websites will appear requiring more and more personal data for offering specific options, therefore warnings will need to be incorporated during the users’ registration process for a service or application. These would be used to briefly inform the users before they agree to provide their specific personal data, same as for example, the warning before using Facebook applications.