The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) in cooperation with the like-minded organizations and members from all around the world mark the International Fact-Checking Day.

For a number of years in a row, Metamorphosis Foundation has been observing this day with a series of activities within its projects, including the Vistinomer portal, Media Fact Checking Service, Crithink – The Critical Thinking for Mediawise Citizens as well as and portals.

This year, the marking of this day is particularly important for the Foundation because the public accountability and transparency portal Vistinomer recently became an official member of the International Fact-Checking Network. With that said, Vistinomer has become a verified signatory of the network’s Code of Principles and member of the exclusive worldwide group of only 66 verified fact-checking portals.

The boundary between the journalistic and other types of content is blurred

Today, according to the Executive Director of Metamorphosis Foundation, Bardhyl Jashari, checking and verifying facts before being published by all those who create content is more important than ever because the boundary between the journalistic and other types of content is blurred.

– Today’s fact-checking is of great importance for every industry and profession, not just journalism. In 2011, Metamorphosis began checking facts contained in statements and promises of politicians, in 2013 we started checking facts in media and went on to educate about and implement critical thinking as a way of confronting the effects of disinformation in media – says Bardhyl Jashari, Executive Director of Metamorphosis Foundation.

The International Fact-Checking Day – 2 April, observed right after April Fools’ Day, is a global call for action for more facts in politics, journalism, and everyday life.

IFCN members believe that fact-checking should not be something done only by professional journalists and newsrooms’ fact-checkers. The existence of a genuine international ecosystem that creates and distributes accurate and verified information necessitates everybody to do their part of the job.

Metamorphosis has been fact-checking since 2011

Metamorphosis Foundation has been working on specialized fact-checking projects since the creation of Vistinomer in 2011, a public accountability and transparency website whose main activities include verification of truthfulness of elected and appointed officials’ public statements as well as verification of the fulfillment of political parties’ pre-election promises.

Later on, in the period 2013-2017, Metamorphosis worked on the Media Fact Checking Service, published within the project of the same name, whose main task was reviewing journalistic products in accordance with a previously defined methodology with the aim to establish the truthfulness thereof and whether professional standards are consistently met.

In 2018, the Foundation started the implementation of Crithink – The Critical Thinking for Mediawise Citizens project, whose objective is spreading media literacy in the country through a series of educative and informative content and tools, published on the project’s portal.