The Metamorphosis Foundation in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation started the implementation of the project “Open Data Civil Society network,” the aim of the project is improving the capacity of civil society organizations in order to promote an open agenda through the establishment of a School of Data – Macedonia.

Within the project, the School of data – Macedonia will organize regular meet-ups where attendees will have the opportunity to share, learn, be up to date with news on the topic and above all to be part of a community.


Lucy Chambers, Katelyn Rogers and Daniella Matern, as representatives of the Open Knowledge Foundation, gave the welcoming speech at the meet-up. After they briefly introduced the concept of open data, they gave a short presentation, that among other things included successful examples for the use of open data around the world. After the inspirational stories, the group started a discussion covering various topics related to the availability and use of open data in Macedonia.


Meetings of the same type will be held in the future and everyone who is interested is welcome to participate.