The purpose of these presentations is to inform the teaching and managerial staff from universities and scientific-research institutes about the concept of open access, the advantages of using it and the way this system can be established on an institutional level. At the same time, these presentations are encouraging thoughts about turning towards open access to materials from scientific-research magazines published by institutions, as well as various other conference reports, presentations, collections, monographs, master’s and doctoral papers and the like.

The presentation was followed by the video for DSpace which is facilitating the use of software for storing and using open access documents.

Attendance at both events was satisfactory, and the second presentation was attended by a great number of students, besides the teaching and managerial staff.  After both presentations, the time for questions and discussion was efficiently used.

Next are the presentations at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje on Thursday and the presentation at the University of Gotse Delchev in Stip, on Friday this week.