The Metamorphosis Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, conducted activities to provide support to five new state institutions for publishing open data.

The support for opening the data sets of the central government institutions is realized within the USAID Civic Engagement Project, while the specific activity is implemented for the second time, i.e. in 2021 five new institutions were covered, different from the support realized in 2020.

During 2021, support for opening data sets was provided to the following five institutions:

  • Public Procurement Bureau,
  • Institute of Public Health,
  • Ministry of Education and Science,
  • General Secretariat of the Government of the RНM, and
  • Ministry of Interior.

During the provided support, there was regular communication with representatives of all institutions, which due to the situation with Covid-19 was mostly conducted online.

Open data officers, as well as other representatives of the institutions regularly consulted with the national open data experts, the team from the Metamorphosis Foundation, and the experts from MISA, in order to provide better data sets for the citizens, and to improve the internal processes and procedures in the institutions.

Excerpt from an open data set from the General Secretariat of the Government


The success of the process, which largely depended on the commitment and cooperation of the representatives of the institutions, was shown through the final results and the adopted procedures: all institutions adopted an Open Data Procedure; performed cataloguing of data sets in their jurisdiction; and prioritized the data sets from the Catalog of the institution.

Below you can watch the short video that highlights the main results of the institutional support process in 2021.