The workshop was attended by five participants and conducted by Goran Simonovski, (a.k.a. Piece of Shh.., who is one of the active producers from Belgrade. The workshop was conducted in two days in order to get the participants familiar with the Ableton Live software, and to be able to create their own tracks at the end of the workshop.

Работилница за Аблетон Работилница за Аблетон Работилница за Аблетон
Photographs of Aleksandar Nikov

At the opening of the de:sonanz festival in the Film Library of Macedonia, the created tracks were played for the first time and awards were given to the most successful. The winner Blagoja Cilakov, got an original Ableton software as a reward. You can hear his track on his MySpace profile.

Отворање на de:sonanz Отворање на de:sonanz Отворање на de:sonanz
Photographs of Aleksandar Nikov

de:sonanz is an international festival of electronic music, art and new media, organized by the Goethe Institute in cooperation with local and regional partners. It was held from September 29 to October 3 in various locations in Skopje, encompassing audio and video workshops, video-projections, artistic and documentary films, interactive multimedia art, live performances and dj sets.