Metamorphosis Foundation is pleased to invite you to the international conference “Civic-centric digital transformation” which will take place between April 4th and 5th, 2023. The conference is organised in a hybrid format and will be held at Hotel Marriott (Skopje), where some of the participants will have the opportunity to physically attend the event, while the rest can follow the sessions online through the ZOOM platform and Facebook live on the Facebook page of Metamorphosis Foundation.

The conference is organized in the spirit of an inclusive and efficient digital transformation based on the needs of the citizens, which leaves no space for the undermining of human rights and dignity, nor digital exclusion of any community. It will gather representatives of institutions, civic sector, media, academia, activists, practitioners and citizens, offering them the space to explore the digital transformation through the prism of smart e-Governance, digital divide, privacy, artificial intelligence, cyber resilience and hybrid warfare.

The agenda is available on the LINK. Looking forward to having you at the conference!