The Metamorphosis Foundation is launching a “Privacy Talks” initiative that will bring together members of the general public, civil servants, civil society organizations, journalists, teachers and other interested individuals to discuss the protection of personal data in various living and working conditions.

Privacy talks will lead to the development of an informal network of individuals interested in personal data protection, working to address specific challenges in the field, or being directly involved in the preparation and adoption of relevant policies. The inclusion of people from different backgrounds in the initiative is strongly encouraged, and we especially encourage those who work with vulnerable groups of citizens to join.

“Privacy Talks” will bring together members of this informal community/network on meetings where different guests with expertise in personal data protection will share their perspectives on the challenges in the area. Such meetings will be organized once a month, every 21st day of the month, and the members of the network will have the opportunity to engage in discussion with the speakers, as well as with the other members. Invitations for each meeting will be delivered only to network members.

To ensure confidentiality and a secure environment for the free exchange of views, “Privacy Talks” will operate according to the Chatham House Rule. Membership in the group can be provided only by expressing interest to the Metamorphosis Foundation, by filling out the form available at this link. A Facebook group (Privacy Talks | Facebook) has also been created in which members of the network will be able to connect, share experiences and information in the field of personal data protection, as well as organize activities aimed at achieving common goals. This group will be closed to the public and access to each new member will be approved by us.

The “Privacy Talks” initiative is implemented within the project “Privacy by Design- Building an Inclusive Digital Ecosystem”, supported by ABA ROLI.

If you have any questions regarding the initiative or the planned activities, please contact