The Foundation for Internet and Society – Metamorphosis and EUROTHINK – Center for European Strategies published a handbook for informal education entitled “Through critical thinking to disclosure of misinformation”.

It is a tool for non-formal education in the areas of media literacy and critical thinking and emerges at a time when it is extremely necessary to serve as a media education tool for combating the flood of misinformation and manipulation present in public discourse.

The initial idea for the creation of such a handbook is to be used as a didactic tool for workshops and trainings of participants that implement small projects in these areas, but also as a starting point and a practical guide to the educational process in formal and informal education for pupils, students, civil society representatives, media workers and all those that encounter education in the fields of media literacy and critical thinking development in their professional work.

However, this handbook also has a much wider application given the fact that it contains examples from contemporary media practice, i.e. current examples of journalistic products as a base for developing critical thinking skills. It is suitable for self-studying, it can serve all citizens for personal education and help them expose and disclose various types of misinformation and manipulation present in the media and social networks.

A multidisciplinary team comprised of representatives from the NGO sector, the media and the academic scene has worked for two years on its development. The handbook has been published within a wider project – The Critical Thinking for Mediawise Citizens- CriThink, implemented by both organizations with the financial support of the European Union. Funding for this handbook was also provided by the United Kingdom Government with the support of the British Embassy in Skopje.

This handy tool is designed for free use by anyone who is interested and can be downloaded and read at the following link.