The start of the week was quite rewarding: the Metamorphosis team retreated in Mavrovo for our annual strategic planning and team building.

After almost two years of working remotely we were excited to spend time together and discuss important issues regarding the challenges we face and the necessary steps to reach our strategic goals. We had productive reflections and planning meetings which reinforced that the team is as committed and energized as ever.

We acknowledged our preparedness and agility to transfer to remote work smoothly and at the same time support hundreds of teachers, CSOs, journalists and youth to strive in the changed circumstances imposed by the pandemic. We provided direct trainings and coaching sessions as well as multiple resources to bolster the swift shift. At the same time, the media outlets and the research units of the Foundation consistently sought accountability and provided support to institutions in the maintenance of the principles of openness.


Inspired by the successes and lessons learned behind us, we committed to complement the work we do with new challenges and interventions.

  • We will work toward approximating our work to more remote parts of North Macedonia;
  • We will diversify our approach to communicating our work to the general public;
  • We will organise internal units so as to serve our programme goals and projects optimally, and
  • Given the challenges of today, we will enhance our work in the Human Rights Online programme, by also drawing links between all other programmes and components of our work.

We are still living the reality of a pandemic. With our new plan we respond to the needs of today with a hope for a quick recovery of the situation and with a clear vision for an open society.