Microsoft and the Metamorphosis Foundation in cooperation with the NGO Lens organized an event in Pristina dedicated to the use of technology by NGOs in Kosovo. The event was opened by Merxhan Emini – a web developer at the Metamorphosis Foundation who presented the numerous opportunities available to NGOs, depending on their profile, and demonstrated how technologies can change the way of work, as they are offering shortcuts and low costs for achieving goals. He proposed the “Explore, act and impact” model to the NGOs, according to which, depending on their mission, organizations initially had an opportunity to learn about the great opportunities offered by technology, how to use them depending on their mission and how to measure the impact in order to see the reaction of the citizens.


Vlora Ademi, Academic Program Manager at Microsoft Macedonia and Kosovo presented the purpose of Microsoft Youth Spark when it comes to NGOs, government organizations and businesses and helping them achieve their full potential. She also spoke about several products and services of Microsoft, which can be applied in many aspects, such as: Microsoft IT Academia, DreamSpark, ImagineCup etc., and she also spoke about the generosity of this company, assisting various organizations and institutions with 795 million dollars, out of which 120 million in the form of software support. Ms. Ademi also said that organizations willing to apply for assistance and grants from Microsoft, should apply through Macedonia, because Kosovo is not on the list of countries.


At the end of the event, journalist and blogger Gjergj Filipaj explained the huge impact of social media in society, eliminating the physical distance barrier and building bridges for virtual communication and creating opportunities for voices to be heard and different goals to be achieved, both collective and individual. Some of the topics addressed were issues largely impacted by social media, such as education, security, as well as crisis cases, mentioning the impact of social media in the Arab Spring in Egypt, a blood donation in the Innovation Centre Kosovo (thanks to several announcements through the social media, 20 bags of blood were collected in less than 2 hours from volunteers who were informed through the social media.