The discussion was suggested to take the following course:

1. Review of the free and proprietary software, main features and advantages of free software.
2. Review of EU recommendations and regulations regarding free software.
3. Review of the national legislation: policies and strategies (eg. National Policy and Strategy for Information Society), laws (eg. Law on Free Access to Public Information) and other documents.
4. Review of the software and services currently offered by state institutions.

5. Discuss best practices in terms of:

  • Long-term storage of public documents in electronic form (eg. durability of archives, such as the archive of MRT);
  • Transparency and security of data (eg. implications for e-elections)
  • Public procurements: procurement control (software), responsible spending of budget funds, dependence on a single bidder;
  • Open formats and standards;
  • Competitiveness – free market;
  • Education and dissemination of knowledge.

Source: Blog „Национална политика за слободен софтвер“ (only in Macedonian) June 7, 2010