We invite you to be part of a webinar on the topic “Fight against disinformation”, which will take place on the 27 November, 11:00 – 12:30.

During this webinar, mainly through interactive activities, participants will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the contemporary landscape of disinformation creation and distribution and more importantly with techniques on how to fight them.

The webinar can be attended by journalists interested in learning more about how to counter disinformation, editors or media owners interested in protecting their media outlets or businesses from disinformation attacks, NGO/think-tank representatives.

Trainer of this webinar is Vladimir Petreski, a longtime journalist and editor. During the last 8 years he is a fact-checking editor at the Metamorphosis Foundation, publishing fact checks for the organization’s web sites and projects, while at the same time training journalists and NGO activists on subjects like fact-checking methodologies, recognizing and fighting hate speech, legal framework and the free speech, countering disinformation, media literacy, etc.

Note: The working language of the webinar will be English and is open for all interested parties from North Macedonia and Kosovo.

For details on the webinar and how to apply for participation follow the link.