We invite you to take part in the webinar “Basics of Online Media Literacy” which will be held on the Cisco WebEx platform on 24 March 2021, from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

What will you learn?

At this webinar, mostly through examples and interactive approach, you will learn:

  • What are the basic concepts related to media literacy?
  • How to recognize disinformation and propaganda
  • How to critically analyze information
  • How to consume internet content smartly and responsibly

About the trainer

The host of the webinar is ANA ANDREEVA, communication expert with 20 years of experience in the areas of integrated strategic communications and planning, brand development and positioning, brand management, campaign and event management, public relations and media. She is currently the Communications Coordinator at the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia and is responsible for the development and implementation of the Foundation’s communication strategy, the development and implementation of campaigns, the creation of content for FOSM communication channels, and the public relations and media.


Who is this webinar for?

Students, high school students and all those who want to acquire the basic knowledge and skills that they will need in everyday life when consuming various content, especially online content.


General information

For information related to the webinar follow the link.

The working language of the webinar is Macedonian.

For any additional questions send an email to:

violetajonchevska@protonmail.com; qendresasulejmani@protonmail.com


Check the www.hive-mind.community

In addition to this training, please visit the portal www.hive-mind.community. Hive Mind is designed to train and educate you to enhance your digital media literacy skills in collaboration with your community in practice. Selected and verified tools, our specially designed social media tracking tool “Social Media Radar” and online courses that you can follow at a speed that suits you are just some of them. And all this in a safe and secure environment.

This training is an initiative of TechSoup Europe in cooperation with the “Metamorphosis Foundation”, the organization “Why not” from BiH and HIVE MIND


Metamorphosis Foundation works toward strengthening the awareness and capacity of citizens and civil society to assume their fullest possible role as activists for democracy while supporting institutions to fulfil their democratic role in serving society with particular emphasis on the use of information technology and knowledge-sharing.


CA Zasto ne – Why not is an organization that works on the creation of a safe, secure, healthy, active, efficient and accountable BiH society through increasing civic participation, influencing government accountability, use of new technology tools and promotion of socially engaged culture on the whole territory of BiH together with other interested groups, organizations, institutions and individuals.


TECHSOUP EUROPE supports civil society organizations across the continent to use the best technology for social change. It equips changemakers with transformative technology products, knowledge, and services so they may benefit from technology and make social change. TechSoup teaches how to use technology for good and connects unlikely collaborators, such as social activists, hackers, designers, government, local authorities and business partners. TechSoup builds communities with whom it tries to generate innovative solutions to social challenges.


HIVE MIND — is a harbor for a community of practice. In today’s digital world, our freedom of information is being challenged by sophisticated misinformation and disinformation tactics. We’re here to assist you in the journey of digital transformation and to support these freedoms by building media literacy skills throughout civil society and in communities where people come together to form trust and social ties.www.hive-mind.community