On 20 November, at 11:00 am, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Skopje, a consultation was held between the state institutions and the civil society on the topic of “Enhancing Structured Dialogue between Institutions and the Civil Sector in the EU Accession Process”. At the event, representatives of the Metamorphosis Foundation participated in the working group on Education, Employment and Social Policy.

The event emphasized the importance of structural dialogue between state institutions and CSOs in the EU accession process. CSOs were also given the opportunity to express interest in joining existing sector groups, as well as provide comments and suggestions for their functioning.

Within the framework of the project Open Educational Resources (OER) implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation, workshops and presentations are being held with teachers in several elementary schools across the country, through which teachers are introduced to the concept of OER, the opportunity to start creating such resources, as well as appropriate licensing of their works.

Representatives from FOSM, EUROTINK, the Center for Civil Communications, Reactor – Research in Action, as well as representatives of state institutions held speeches and stated their opinions on the entire process.