The event gathered 10 participants from various profiles (designers, developers, scholars, legal experts and representatives from cultural heritage institutions). Most of them were coming from organizations members of COMMUNIA Network, including Darko Janevski who represented the Metamorphosis Foundation.

The event started with the interactive presentation of basic notion of copyrights and public domain works. The focus of the remaining part of the day was on discussing the opportunities to reuse public domain works in interesting new ways, whether as the basis for useful web services, in research and education, or in the arts. The participants, also, divided into groups worked on drafting useful information relating to public domain which is expected to be published on the Open Knowledge Foundation web sites.

Public Domain Day (each year’s January 1st) is an initiative of COMMUNIA, the European Thematic Network on the Digital Public Domain, with special support from the Open Knowledge Foundation (UK) and the Center for the Study of Public Domain at Duke University (USA). The aim is to raise worldwide awareness about the role of the public domain in our societies and to provide resources and info