On 21 April at primary school “Kemal Ataturk” in Centar Zhupa, a platform for education on online privacy protection and personal data was held, which was attended by students from the same primary school as well as from the secondary school “ATA”. Around 40 participants discussed what are personal data, what are the dangers lurking on the Internet and how to protect themselves from those dangers. 20160421_103627Afterwards, a platform on the same topic was held at the secondary school “Mavrovo-Rostushe” in the region of Mavrovo and Rostushe which was attended by 40 students from this secondary school as well as by students from primary school “Gjorgji Puleski”. 13078161_10208825674971848_1373286758_o

Furthermore, two more platforms were held at primary school “Said Najdeni” and secondary municipal school “Zdravko Chochkovski/28 November” on 25 April 2016. These platforms were attended by students from these two schools but also from the primary school “Bratsvo edinstvo” – Penestia as well as from primary school “Riste Risteski”. Around 80 participants attended these two platforms in Debar.

The participants also received brochures for education against hate speech, leaflets for protection on privacy and security on the Internet as well as other promo materials made within the project.

The project “Cyber guardian angels – children’s safety on social networks and the internet from misuse of their personal data” is implemented by the Center for Sustainable Community Development Debar in partnership with Metamorphosis, and is supported by the USAID Civil Society project. The main objective of the project is protection and education of youth from misuse of their personal data on the social networks.