On 12 and 13 May, a preparatory workshop for the second edition of the “Freedom of expression in a mini video” competition was held at the Multimedia teaching center at the French Institute in Skopje. This workshop was attended by 8 participants. 313

The participants had the possibility to become familiar with the basics of the short video recording, and later used the gained cognizance to create their own short videos. These videos were edited with the Windows Movie Maker tool and were prepared for presentation shortly after that. Besides the practical part, the participants also discussed about the freedom of expression and the meaning of the freedom of expression itself in the democratic societies.

Ms. Anouk Lederlé, independent cultural manager, Dona Djambaska and Filip Neshkoski from Metamorphosis led this workshop that also welcomed the last year’s winner of the competition for a short video, who shared his experience from his visit at the Off-Court film festival in Trouville.

This preparatory workshop was held within the 9th French Film Festival, which will take place from 15 to 18 June 2016. 349

Find more photos from this training at the French Institute in Skopje Facebook page.