The topic of the conference held on June 17, 2014 at the EU InfoCentre was “Are the state institutions in the Republic of Macedonia using the potential of the new technologies to include the citizens in the decision-making processes? The event organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation was attended by more than 60 representatives of the public, private and NGO sector.

During the conference, the public policy paper on the topic “Increasing the use of websites as tools for transparency, accountability and e-participation” was presented, as part of the international cooperation between Metamorphosis and the Slovak-Balkan Public Policy Fund implemented by the Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BSCDN) and the Pontis Foundation.

Tanja Hafner – Ademi, executive director of BSCDN presented the cooperation with Metamorphosis and discussed about the context and importance of the project and the research, aiming to determine the current level of use of new technologies by the government institutions on a local and central level (, as well as the opportunities for e-participation offered to the citizens.

Bardhyl Jashari, the director of Metamorphosis, provided an introduction to the research and the methodology used for the research, and Tamara Resavska from Metamorphosis presented the current situation, i.e. the final findings, conclusions and recommendations from the research.

Representatives of Metamorphosis outlined that there is a legal framework in Macedonia regulating civic e-participation, but it is necessary to consistently implement it and to raise the awareness among citizens and institutions. One of the recommendations is to also raise the awareness of the institutions about the importance of websites as tools and platforms for transparency, accountability and civic participation, and the allocation of funds from the budget of the institutions, to be used for this purpose.


The public policy paper is available for download.