On 25th and 26th June in Sarajevo, Bosna and Hercegovina, was held 12th edition of POINT conference, a gathering place for practitioners and experts from the field of digitalization, new technologies, accountability and transparency in the Balkans.

As part of the Digital Activism Program, participants of the Metamorphosis Foundation were part of the two-day conference and actively participated in numerous discussions, panel presentations and workshops.


Photo: Vanja Čerimagić

The first day of the conference was marked by numerous current topics, where the discussion on the growing trend of passing the so-called laws on foreign agents stood out. This trend has raised many public questions about freedom of speech and the precarious situations in which these undemocratic practices put civil society organizations. Attendees learned more about this topic from speakers from Georgia, Belarus, Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The second day of the conference focused on the fight against disinformation, where attendees could learn more from speakers about disinformation narratives fueling Euroscepticism in the Western Balkans, as well as online scams and scams in the region. These discussions were accompanied by numerous workshops and the sharing of good practices and experiences.


Photo: Vanja Čerimagić